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Agriculture and agro-industrial division

The objectives of this agricultural division launched in 1980 are:
- to rehabilitate abandoned plantations
- to promote self-sufficiency in food
- to generate foreign currency through exporting its produce

This policy is implemented:
- on the one hand, by the acquisition of plantations and concessions intended for farming and
- on the other hand, by the organisation of campaigns for purchasing staple food commodities (manioc, paddy, palm oil, groundnuts, maize, fibres, etc.) transported to the major urban centres

The three main areas of activity are :
- North-Kivu (coffee and papain)
- Bandudu North
- Bandudu South

The staple food commodities are processed in our own reprocessing centres (husking facilities, oil factories, flour-mills, etc.)

The Léon HASSON & Frère Group has participated in numerous joint humanitarian aid operations in favour of stricken zones in the framework of the United Nations “World Food Programme”.

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