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The Léon Hasson & Frère Group was founded in 1936 when Mr Léon Hasson, joined by his brother Acher Hasson, set up his business in the Congo. Very rapidly, 120 retail stores were opened covering the whole hinterland of Kasaï and Katanga.

After the opening in Kinshasa of the first store “Au Chic”, they opened in 1952 their first import and wholesale distribution centre. Shortly afterwards, they continued their expansion with the opening of branches in Kananga, Kisangani, Matadi and Lubumbashi.

In 1960, the two brothers decided to focus on industrial activities. 1961 saw the opening of their first shirt factory: LINDA. In 1962, they opened the SOFATEX (production of uniforms, trousers and suits) and ELRE (production of socks) factories. They followed this by opening a factory producing Terylene draperies under the name of NOVATEX.

Léon Hasson

Acher Hasson

The teams of the Léon Hasson & Frère Group are committed to working closely at all levels with strong local presence in order to stay at the forefront of progress and innovation. Thus, no less than 1,600 employees have been recruited, forming with their families approximately 10,000 people in total.

This presence has enabled the Léon Hasson & Frère Group to develop unparalleled experience in practically all the business sectors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Description of its the Group’s activities

The Léon Hasson & Frère Group’s activities focus on four main sectors:

- Commerce : importation and distribution as well as commercial and industrial representation - for more information

- Real Estater : development and management of different types of buildings (offices, commercial, residential) - for more information

- Industrial : four important factories; collection of staple food commodities and export of farm produce - for more information

Our team

The Léon Hasson & Frère Group is a family business which has been successfully handed down between generations.
The Group operates on four continents:

- AFRICA and in particular the CONGO where our main activities are concentrated and which are the focal point of the operations of our offices in:

- EUROPE: Brussels
- ASIA: Bombay, Shanghai, Fuzhou

Linked by the most modern means of communication, our teams combine their efforts to offer our customers the best products at the lowest possible price.
In the Léon Hasson & Frère Group, no less than 12 languages are used currently (French, Spanish, English, Hindu, Chinese, Swahili, Lingala, Turkish, Italian, etc.).

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